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An Edison Historic Landmark

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On Our Stage April - May 2023!




(The Reincarnation)

Written and directed by Sudipta Bhawmik

Performed by:

Soumendu Bhattacharya, Antara Mukherjee, Arnab Bandopadhyay, Indranil Banerjee, Rana Ray, Sayantani Basu Datta, Anirban Biswas, Susmita Roy Choudhury, Subhodev Das


Is there life after death? If there is, is it possible to identify the person we lost in his new life, in a new form? Most religions believe that life doesn't end in death. But to a modern scientific mind, does this make sense? Or is it only a ploy to keep people motivated? ECTA's new play "Jonmantor" (The Reincarnation) examines these deep and serious questions with a twist of humor that will make you roll in laughter, but you'll leave the theatre thinking... what next?

Just before his death, Sudarshan Choudhury invests all his life savings to a unique insurance policy that leaves his family flabbergasted. As they try to grapple with this situation, they are forced to rethink their beliefs in life and death and make difficult compromises.

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On Our Stage In September 2022!

ECTA's latest theatrical production “Aami Jagadish” (I am Jagadish) will be staged on Sept 9 (8:30pm), 10 (6:00pm), 11 (4:00pm). The play is written by Sudipta Bhawmik and directed by Soumendu Bhattacharya. 

The play talks about the struggles of a scientist, Dr. Nirup Biswas, who believes plants are sentient beings and can communicate among themselves. And in this quest, he is guided by his mentor Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, the eminent scientist who revolutionized scientific study and research in India.

The play premiered at the South Asian Theater Festival held in early August and received a standing ovation for its outstanding presentation and human appeal.  The play has already been invited to major theater festivals in India where ECTA will be touring this winter.

Edison Valley Playhouse has limited capacity. So we insist that you reserve your tickets in advance. For your convenience, you can book your tickets online by clicking the button below. Tickets are $25.00 per person. As always, the show will have supertitles in English.

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(A one person play in English)

Written by Sudipta Bhawmik

Directed by Suman Mukhopadhyay

Performed by Sudipta Majumdar

The play is set on the debris of war—the toxic waste of humanity accumulated from Mahabharata’s epic war of Kurukshetra to today’s Ukraine. The protagonist and the solo performer frets and wallows in the quandary of having a female body and the desire to escape it. One man’s sexual abuse of a woman breeds multiple histories of paternity and its power: the cruelty and arrogance across the frenetic time. Shikhandi explores a vast domain of struggles of anguished women against the toxic masculinity and deep anxieties of queer existence.


Saturday June 25, 2022 at 6:30pm

Sunday June 26, 2022 at 4:00pm